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A social disadvantaged quarter is being musicalised.

The Project

The quarter Hainholz
Hainholz is a quarter of Hannover (Lower Saxony, Germany). About 6.700 people live in Hainholz. 40% of the population have a migration background. It is a young quarter with many families with children and youths living here. One fourth of the inhabitants of Hainholz are on welfare. Almost twice as much people live from welfare, than elsewhere in the city of Hannover.


MusikZentrum Hannover
Denise Kahlmann
Emil-Meyer Str. 26-28
30165 Hannover
Telefon: 0511 260 930 18
Mobil: 0170 963 60 69
Mail: denise.kahlmann(at)musikin.de